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*  to promote 5 European traditional sports and games and 2 traditional inclusive sports in at least 4 countries: Romania, Republic of North Macedonia, Italy, Spain

* to train at least 20 people active in the field of sport from the 5 participating organisations in 7 traditional sports from each EU Member State represented in the project

* to promote the 7 sports to at least 200 people from the 4 countries included in the project and increase awareness about the health benefits of the 7 sports, the development of professional life skills, social life skills, social inclusion and the promotion of equality in the field of sport

* to create attractive learning and teaching materials to promote the 7 sports and increase adoptability of the activities by young Europeans: a video tutorial for each sport

* to raise awareness of how skills like precision, attention, control and strategy can be achieved through European traditional sports that simultaneously contribute to the physical and mental health of young people and a balanced lifestyle

*  to  develop a network at regional, national and European level among project partners related to the topic “European traditional sports and games for increased young people physical activity”

            The E-Sport project supports the Erasmus+ Programme in the field of sport-specific objectives to promote volunteering in sport together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation and equal access to sport for all.


Transnational meetings, local and international work-shops for persons active in the field of sport and young people, social media campaigns to advertise the traditional sports , writing of handbook about traditional sport, evaluations